Videos about Egypt and the Sinai peninsula

  The videos are sorted in chronological order and sum up to a documentation about the pilgrimage of the Parish St. Martin Batzenhofen to Egypt.
Video Karnak   Video Valley of the Kings   Video Luxor   Video Pyramids and Sphinx   Video old town Cairo, coptic district
Karnak   Valley of the Kings   Luxor   Pyramids and Sphinx   Old town Cairo, Coptic district
Trip from Luxor to Karnak, visit of the Temple Complex.   Trip from Karnak to the Valley of the Kings, passing the Colossi of Memnon and the Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut Deir-El-Bahari, boat ride on the Nile back to Luxor.
  Nighttime round through the Luxor Temple.   Trip from Cairo to Giza, visit of Pyramids and Sphinx.   Visit of the Coptic district in old town Cairo and the "Hanging Church" (Church of St. George, build on the northern tower of the Roman fortress).
Video Cairo  - Alabasterd Mosque and Citadel   Video Sinai desert - Saint Anthony's Monastery   Video Suez Canal at Port Suez   Video Sinai - Mount Moses and St. Catherine's Monastery   Video Sinai - Oasis Ein Khoudra
Alabasterd Mosque   Saint Anthony's Monastery   Suez Canal   Mount Moses and St. Catherine's Monastery   Oasis Ein Khoudra
Visit of the Citadel and the Alabasterd Mosque in Cairo, then trip to Saint Anthony's Monastery.   Saint Anthony's Monastery in the desert of Sinai.
  Trip from Zafarana to Port Suez, Suez Canal, trip to St. Catherine Village.
  Climbing Mount Moses, sun rise, way down to St. Catherine's Monastery.   Trip from St. Catherine to the oasis Ein Khoudra and back. Trip to Taba.
Video Coloured Canyon   Video Petra 1 (Jordan)   Video Petra 2 (Jordan)   Video Red Sea    
Coloured Canyon   Petra 1 (Jordan)   Petra 2 (Jordan)   Red Sea    
Hike through the Colored Canyon.   Trip from Taba to Petra.
  Visit of the Nabataean city Petra.   Underwater world of the Red Sea near Sharm el Sheikh.