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Franz X. Koehler
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Data protection
With "we" and "our" in the following text we always mean both the association of Orgelfreunde Sankt Martin der Pfarrei Batzenhofen (i. e. Organ Friends Saint Martin of the Parish Batzenhofen) and Franz X. Koehler.
You may use our web pages without giving us any data concerning your person. If you want to join our association or need a receipt over your donation we however need some information about you, in order to be able to serve you. If you give us any personal information (e.g. name, address, email address), we will use this exclusively for association-internal purposes and do not share this with any third party (with the exception of the municipal authorities of Gersthofen, if this is required).
It is our intention to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data. We ourselves do not collect any information about the visitors of our Internet sites and do not dispatch Cookies.
Legal statement:
No warranty for contents
Some of our Internet sites refer by the use of links to Internet sites of so called third party. We are constantly taking effort to link only to Internet sites which can be visited safely. Nevertheless we cannot guarantee that the third party is using comparable data protection and safety criteria than we do. We do not take over any responsibility for the contents or for the compliance to legal regulations of third party Internet sites. All data and information offered on our Internet sites were carefully examined by us. For the correctness, completeness and actuality we or any third party cannot take over any guarantee nevertheless.
No advice or recommendation
All information given on the Internet sites of the Organ Friends Saint Martin is not meant as recommendation or advice.
Usage of our sites
Contents and design of our Internet sites are matters of copyright protection. A duplication of these contents requires written permission by the Organ Friends Saint Martin.
Terms of use
We are pleased that you found the way to our Internet sites (in the following briefly called homepage). Please take a little time to read these remarks carefully.
1. General information
The use of this homepage is only permitted if you accept the following conditions of use. We reserve ourselves the right to change or to replace these conditions at any time. By visiting the homepage you agree to accept these us conditions. The use of the homepage happens on your own risk and responsibility.
2. Access to the homepage
Because of the nature of the Internet and the availability of the used computer systems we cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the homepage. In addition we reserve ourselves the right to stop and/or limit the availability of the homepage and to shut it down totally or partly.
3. Use of the homepage and its contents and information
All published information can be used, - if not differently indicated -, free of charge. Each user may use and document the offered information for own information purposes (download). Every other use or utilization of the information, in particular the duplication, change or the integration in publications or Web sites of any kind is only allowed with previous agreement of the Organ Friends Saint Martin or the owner of the information. We point out that contents and information can be subject to patent rights; such patent rights (in particular name and trademark rights) remain without exception the property of the owners.
All provided information was collected with care and investigated to the best of our knowledge and belief and, if taken over from any third party, remained unchanged. The translation of all German documents was done by the best of our knowledge and belief but may be not 100 % correct anyway.
Each user remains however in own responsibility for the examination of the correctness, completeness and topicality of the provided information. A liability to the Organ Friends or Franz X. Koehler because of incompleteness, lack of topicality or defectiveness of the information, as well as a liability for any consequences of a possible misinterpretation of the provided information by the user is limited to the cases of gross negligence and the intent of the Organ Friends Saint Martin or Franz X. Koehler.  
The user has in the context of the use of the homepage to take care that by the use and/or associated actions he under no circumstances:
- does any harm to Persons, in particular minors, nor does injure their personality rights
- offends against the good customs
- violates commercial protection and copyrights or other property rights
- transfers content with viruses, so-called Trojan horses or other malicious programs that are able to damage software
- inputs, stores or sends hyperlinks or content, to their input, storage or transmission the user is not authorized, in particular if these hyperlinks or contents offend against secrecy obligations, are illegal or intentionally wrong.
- offers advertisement or spreads unwanted emails (so-called "Spam") or unfounded warnings of viruses, malfunctioning and such thing or invites to the participation in profit plays, snow ball systems, chain-letter, pyramid-play and comparable actions.
The Organ Friends Saint Martin and Franz X. Kohler do not take over any liability for any harm which results of an abuse of the information by the user.
4. Links/third party site content
The homepage contains links and/or other references to third party Websites. We (i.e. the Organ Friends Saint Martin and Franz X. Koehler) do not take over any responsibility for contents of these third party Websites nor do we agree to the content offered there, since we do not have influence on these linked contents and information and are unable to do regularly control of these. Likewise we are not also responsible for the quality, the correctness and/or the completeness of third party information. This is valid expressly also for all information and contents provided by the link partners of our homepage.
The use of any files or software offered on our homepage or the sites of our link partners for download is subject to the valid license conditions of the entitled offerer or manufacturer (license agreement). The software or files may not be installed or used in principle, without the user accepts the regulations of the license agreement before.
The offered software or files is intended - so far not differently indicated - exclusively for download and use by final consumers and may only by final consumers be used. Other uses are prohibited by law.
We do not take over any liability for damage, which results directly or indirectly from the use of downloaded files.
6. Important note to computer viruses
Although we always take care to keep the homepage free of viruses we cannot take over warranty and/or liability for keeping the homepage really free of viruses. Before downloading information, software and documentation the user will both to his protection and to prevent an infection of our Homepage with viruses take care for appropriate safety precautions and the use of appropriate virus scanners.
7. Limitation of liability For any damages, in particular lost profit, interrupt of production, loss of data we do not take over liabilities.


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