"God loves a cheerful giver."
2. Cor 9, 7

As non-profit association we are dependent on your donations.

Most of all we would like to have you as our member. But also your donation is very welcome. Each amount, even a very small one, helps us to get closer to our goal.
VR-Bank Lech-Zusam eG, Taefertingen
A.B.A.     720 621 52
Account   140 9360
Within Germany a donation up to 200 € per year is tax-deductible without receipt. The deposit slip or bank statement is sufficient.
We are glad to write a donation receipt for you if wished or needed if we know your name and address. If you need a receipt for your donation and did not get yet, please tell us your name and address, date and amount, e. g. per E-Mail