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Reference: Cath. parish church foundation "St. Martin" in Batzenhofen

here: Organ in the parish church

Reference: Local meeting on 28.2.1986




Dear Mr. Striebel!


According to your wish I examined in the morning of 28.2.1986 the organ

in your parish church. It is a cone valve chest instrument with

pneumatic action, build as opus 58 around 1919 by the organ building

shop of Julius Schwarzbauer, Mindelheim.

The disposition is as follows:


1st Manual

2nd Manual








Bourdon 16'



Principal 8'

Geigenprinc. 8'

Sub bass; 16'

Flute 8'

Liebl. ged. 8'

(Stillgedeckt 16')

Gedeckt 8'

Salicional 8'

Violon bass 8'

Octave 4'

Aeoline 8'

(Cello 8')


Vox coelestis 8'



Transverse flute 4'



Quinte 2 2/3'



Piccolo 2'



Normal couplers, Super octave couplers II-I, Sub octave couplers II-I


Buttons: Piano pedal, release; piano, Mezzoforte (m.h.), forte,

tutti, release


Jalousie pedal





The organ is regarding conception, construction, choice of materials,

workmanship realization and sound completely insufficient.

The individual stops are that badly intonated that

the organ almost must be called unplayable; also the

tonal allocation of the stops to each other and their mixture

is insufficient. The wind supply is bad and the

work therefore very gust. The wind chests of the manual works are set

vertically; thus a very deep organ casing results and the

sound radiation is very handicapped. The swelling

box of the second manual work has jalousies only in the

pitched roof, can be moved only minimum and closed not at all:

a faulty construction. Key and stop actions are designed bad

and show many malfunctions. With a couple

of tones the actions cause unpleasant blowing noises,

e.g. in 1st manual with Fs and fs'', in 2nd manual with a and

e' , in pedal with C, E and b. Some tones do not work at all,

e.g. in Bourdon 16' C and Cs, in Salicional 8' F, in Violin bass

8' (and therefore also in Cello 8') c. In the manual couplers H does

come only heavily, in the pedals couplers I Fs not at all (it blows only).

Is the stop Bourdon 16' pulled, sometimes unpleasant

blowing arises within the console. In addition when pulling

Bourdon 16' the tone of b'' of Lieblich gedekt 8' of the second manual

howls. In second manual b'' howls generally. In Principal 8' E howls

sometimes. The pedal couplers can be switched on, but

only with difficulty be switched off. Die wind machine (together with the

bellows) is located in the attic; it is a complete out-of-date low-speed

engine with air outlet at the top. The manual works are somewhat

dirty, the pedal work and the ground very much. The work got slightly

attacked by woodworms.


Because of the fundamental imperfections mentioned, you should

not invest in the instrument any longer, but have your eyes on

the investment in a new organ appropriate to the room.


If you should have further questions, I am available



With kind regards

Prof. Dr. Gert Voelkl

Diocese music director


Translated to the best of knowledge and belief by Franz X. Koehler