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Bavarian Organs Important historic organs in the diocese Augsburg
Office for Church Music Contact to the episcopal chair of Augsburg
Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde (GdO) The Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde e. V. (GdO) (association of organ friends) is an international association for all obliged to the organ: Friends of organ music and people interested in the organ in general, organists, organ builders, organ experts, architects, acoustics, art historians, preservationists, historians, clergymen , do-it-yourself organ builders.
Orgelmagazin.com Feature to organ online - the organ magazine
Het Orgel Het Orgel is the Internet magazine of the Royal Netherlands Organists Association (KNOV)
Organ encyclopedia Great, what the friends circle of the Kollegiorgel Schwyz has collected here
The German Pipe Organ Builders German organ builders and organizations present themselves. Links to company homepages und list with more than 300 companies.
Research authority for organ documentation This department of the TU Berlin carries out an inventory and documentation of organs in north Germany durch; the results of this project are availabe in a data base (ORDA) and are obtainable at cost price.
The hugest organs in the world Online data base with more than 3,000 organs with pictures, dispositions, builders and history, sound examples and organ music download portal.
The organ - intonation, research and explanations Treasure chest for theory and praxis knowledge about the organ, collected by Reiner Janke.
Organ information by Fabian Brackhane Explanation of function and construction of the organ with pictures. Little illustrated bell knowledge and list of 6,600 organ dispositions und pictures, available on demand.
Orgel-Information Information about pipe organs, organ builders and parishes. Interesting facts around the organ with forum and online shop.
orgel-@nline, Ulf Winkelbrandt Information about pipe organs and extensive link collection about organs.
Organ voices of the German Romanticism Aeoline.de describes the organ voices of the German Romanticism, shows with photos, what the pipes are looking alike and offers MP3-sounds of the organ pipes mentioned.

2nd Freeware-Download and generally useful links

NoPopUp Automatic adjustable pop up blocker
Spyware protection Spybot searches your PC for dialers and spyware. After cleaning permanent immunization is possible
Firewall PC Tools Firewall Plus protects against attacks, blocks unauthorized daten transfer and works well together with Vista
Virus protection, Hoaxes, chain letters etc. Is the virus warning serioust? Shall I forward the E-Mail really to all I know and like? The Hoax-Page of the TU Berlin does know the answer!
HTML-Validator and Editor With this Freeware-Tool the HTML-Code of our sites was validated and edited. Highly recommendable and in English language!
Ort suchen Multimap.com offers maps of whole Europe. Almost all places can be zoomed in until you are able to read the street names
City maps Online city maps of Germany's cities
Route planner Not only from town to town, but also from street to street guides the Michelin route planner
Wo liegt Batzenhofen ? So alo you are able to show with multimap.com directly on your homepage, how one finds to you
Homepage of the City of Gersthofen Everything about the city Batzenhofen belongs to.
Events by www.eventax.de The 1st German search engine especially for events. Fill in your event also!

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