Batzenhofen is a place with approx. 1,000 inhabitants, district of Gersthofen and lies in the middle of the Schmutter valley, about 13 km northwest from Augsburg, which is about 70 km in the west of Munich.
To the parish of Batzenhofen also belong the villages Edenbergen and Rettenbergen and the hamlets Gailenbach and Peterhof. The parish has about 1700 inhabitants.
Because the organ of the parish church already for several decades is only playable with trouble and sounds unacceptable and various consultants did a general overhaul not consider as helpful, on Friday, 25 July 2008 fourteen ones of kindred spirit met and created the promotion association of "Orgelfreunde Sankt Martin der Pfarrei Batzenhofen" (i. e. Organ Friends Saint Martin of the Parish Batzenhofen).
Major goal of our association is it, to raise by membership dues, donations and actions e.g. Cecilia wine or video showings the money, which is needed, to replace in the old, ailing instrument by a "new" pipe organ.

Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde e. V.
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Franz X. Koehler


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