The organ in St. Martin Batzenhofen

Despite the fact that it does not look bad: The organ of St. Martin, Batzenhofen is irreparable.

The Batzenhofen organ is a cone valve chest instrument with pneumatic action. This type of organ came up in the middle of the 19th century and got despite it's disadvantages wide spread because of it's relatively simple design: For every single pipe there is a cone shaped valve inside the corresponding Kanzelle of the stop which admits wind to the pipe when opened.
If the action of these valves is pneumatic like in the Batzenhofen organ, pressing down a key opens an auxiliary valve first, that blows up a small leather bellows, that lifts the cone in the valve of the pipe afterwards. This results typically in an imprecise function, which is caused by the loss of wind pressure within the long narrow lead tubes of the pneumatic action and in addition in a delay between pressing a key and response of the pipe. The cone valves tend to produce disturbing noise that multiply with operation of several valves for one tone.
The Batzenhofen organ was build as Opus 58 during the years 1919/20 by the organ builder Julius Schwarzbaur in Mindelheim with following disposition:
1st Manual2nd ManualPedals
C - f'''C - f'''C - d'
Bourdon 16'  
Principal 8'Geigenprincipal 8'Subbaß 16'
Gedeckt 8'Lieblich gedeckt 8'(Stillgedeckt 16')
Flöte 8'Salicional 8'Violinbaß 8'
Salicional 8'Aeoline 8'Cello 8'
Octav 4'Voxcoelestis 8' 
 Transverse flute 4' 
 Quint 2 2/3' 
 Piccolo 2' 

Normal couplers, Super octave couplers II-I, Sub octave couplers II-I
Knobs: Piano pedal, release; piano, mezzoforte (m.h.), forte, tutti
Jalousie pedal

Besides the design caused inadequacies mentioned above the organ shows additionally considerable weak spots: For the detached console in front of the instrument with view of the organist to the altar was needed excessively space. In combination with the design of both manual wind chests which needs also lots of space, the result is a very narrow arrangement that makes maintenance difficult and gives a bad sound reproduction.

Information about the Saint Martin's Church in Batzenhofen
The historic development of the organ

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