Your Donation for our Organ
"God loves a cheerful giver." (2 Cor 9, 7)

The body of Orgelfreunde St. Martin is according to the notification for exemption from tax of the internal revenue service Augsburg-Land contributed to "exclusively and directly tax-privileged non-profit purposes in the sense of the §§ ff. AO".
The body promotes church purposes.
The body is entitled to issue donation receipts using the officially prescribed form (§50 Abs. 1 EStDV) for donations, which are given to it for use for these purposes.
The body is entitled to issue receipts for membership dues using the officially prescribed form (§50 Abs. 1 EStDV).
In other words:
Both your donations and your membership dues are tax deductible.
As non-profit association we are dependent on your donations. Most of all we would like you to become our member: We became in October 2009 100 members and nevertheless hope much that this is not the "end of the flagpole" yet. But also your donation is always welcome to us. Each amount, even a very small one, helps us to get closer to our goal. But with your membership you deliver a vote that our goal is also yours! The more members we get, the clearer it is shown that the desire for an organ renewal is carried in our parish by a broad basis. If you join our association, then you support us therefore not only financially, but also idealistically. Gladly we set a link to your company on our sponsor side, if you wish this. Our bank account is:
VR-Bank Lech-Zusam eG, Taefertingen
A.B.A.     720 621 52           IBAN: DE69 7206 2152 0001 4093 60
Account   140 9360             BIC: GENODEF1MTG
Within Germany a donation up to 200 € per year is tax-deductible without receipt. The deposit slip or bank statement is sufficient.
We are glad to write a donation receipt for you if wished or needed if we know your name and address. If you need a receipt for your donation and did not get yet, please tell us your name and address, date and amount, e. g. per E-Mail


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