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A good drop for a good sound

He went up and bandaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them. (Lk 10,34)
In the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus refers to the curative effect of the wine. Our organ is to a certain extent also seriously "sick", could wine not also be helpful here?
With the slogan "a good drop for a good sound" the organ friends offered starting from October 2009 a 2008 Bullenheim white wine Cuvée with special label as "Cecilia wine ".
Bullenheim, settled at the southern foothills of the Steigerwald between Wuerzburg and Nuremberg, lies at the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel route, which leads through one of the warmest and driest regions of Germany. Our wine came from the south slopes of this highlands landscape and grows predominantly on Gypsum Keuper soil. Climate and ground offer ideal conditions in to produce high-quality wines.
The wine with the pictures of St. Cecilia and our parish church costs 8.80 € .
Net proceeds will be donated for the renewal of the organ in the church St. Martin. Also as gift to birthdays or for Christmas the wine is suitable.
The wine is available with all participating shops (Hairdresser Abbt, Beverages Lorenz, Butcher's Roessle, Parish office, Farm shop Krieger Rettenbergen) or under phone# +49 8230 9236 (family Koehler).
When our first edition of Cecilia wine was nearly completely sold out and we were asked again and again for red wine, we decided to offer as the second edition for the same price a 2007 Wurttemberg red wine. The Trollinger and Lemberger grapes for our red one grow on Keuper soil in the area of Ludwigsburg. They give it a strong, bluish red and berry flavors of sweet cherries, strawberries and black currant with a fine tannin note. The pleasant tannin structure makes this Trollinger with Lemberger an elegant wine, not only as a meal companion. The wine was offered to Nov. 2010 with the sales shops mentioned above.
Variatio delectat
Variety pleases, the old Romans already knew. Our first edition "Cecilia wine", which we offered in aid of the organ renewal, was a white Cuvée from the franc country, afterwards we changed to a red Wurttemberg. Because our second edition thanks to you got sold out, starting in December 2010 we offered two wines at the same time: A red Cabernet Sauvignon from California and a white Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. Music is international - why should our wines not also be?
After this short "culinary Christmas trip" to California and South Africa we turned back to domestic quality wines again: As white wine we offer again an "old friend", i.e. the Cuvée from the franc country, with which we opened the round dance of our wines, now however vintage 2009, other description see above.
Our new red one comes from Rhinehessen, likewise directly from the winegrower, and is a fine-dry 2010 vintage Schwarzriesling. This red one grows on fertile loess-loam grounds in the almost Mediterranean climate of the Rhine Valley near Oppenheim. The costs of the wine with the pictures of the St. Cecilia and our parish church, despite a slightly increase of the purchase prices in relation to the previous year, are left at 8,80 €.
In addition in the butcher's shop Roessle "organ hampers" in different versions and price levels can be ordered. The net proceeds will be donated for our organ. The contents of the hampers are given mainly by companies with reduced price and by private people free of charge in favor of the organ. The organ hampers are outstandingly suitable as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or as little present with invitations. The pictures left show from top to bottom examples of hampers in the price levels of 20 €, 25 € and 30€. By clicking the pictures you get an enlarged image.













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